Pence Orchard Peaches – The Perfect Peach

We’ll be adding two peach featured dishes to our menu starting August –  a peach cobbler and a peach pistachio flatbread! 

It’s very difficult to find good peaches in your local grocery store, that’s because peaches are fragile and easily bruised. There is a window between the time peaches truly sweeten on the tree and the time they get to us; the smaller the window, the better. Sadly most of the peaches that show up in supermarkets are harvested too early, before they have time to fully ripen, and housed in cold storage where flavor and sturdiness is lost.

Bert and Sharon Pence from Wapato, WA specialize in tree ripened peaches. Unlike most growers, Pence peaches are entirely tree-ripened and packed directly in the field. That means they’re only handled twice: by the picker and the packer. In fact, they only transport peaches that have a sugar content that’s at least 13%!

Once you taste them in our new dishes you’ll agree – they’re the perfect peaches.

Flatbread, Peach

Salad, Peach Harvest


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