Wildly in Love!

Love has no limits so don’t wait until Sunday, February 14th to express it! Join us on Friday, February 12th or Saturday, February 13th to avoid the crowds. Let it be a moment in time for you and your sweetheart to revel in each other’s company and not get distracted by dozens of others trying to do the same.

Our Dinner Special has been specifically designed to entice you and your darling’s appetite!

Dinner for two $99

  • Choose one of our favorite appetizers:
    • Simply the Best Calamari
    • Wildfin Smoked Salmon Dip
  • For Dinner, enjoy:
    • Renton & Issaquah: Grilled filet mignon with Alaskan snow crab and béarnaise, grilled asparagus and tri-colored fingerling potatoes with grilled prawns
    • Tacoma: Grilled filet mignon with Alaskan snow crab and béarnaise, herb roasted Alaskan red king crab legs, grilled asparagus
  • For Dessert, savor our:
    • Molten chocolate chipotle brownie with Tillamook vanilla bean ice cream
WildFin American Grill | Appetizer | Calamari
Simply the Best Calamari
Steak Béarnaise with Grilled Prawns
Steak Béarnaise with Grilled Prawns
Steak Béarnaise Alaskan Red King Crab Legs
Steak Béarnaise Alaskan Red King Crab Legs









If you prefer to do things in traditional style, you can choose to dine with us on Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14th. With three locations, all boasting unique vibes and a casual romantic atmosphere, WildFin is your peak destination for celebrating amour. Make your reservations here.

25 Unique Ways To Show You Love Someone

heart hands“I love you.” These three words are relatively overused. In fact, it is easy to be spoken without emotion and for the recipient to hear it without feeling it. In observance of a national holiday meant to signify our love for one another, try taking a different approach in sharing your love. Sure, utter the words, but as the saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”. And indeed, they do.

Be it friend, family member, significant other, husband or wife, we have some ideas to inspire you to show your love this Valentine’s Day and every day thereafter. From simple acts to well-thought out deeds, there is something here for everyone to give and receive.


      1. Take their car out to get gas when it is on E (or close to it). If you know they lead a busy life and are in a constant mode of “go” then this could mean a lot to them. You’ve given them one less stop on the road and in turn, one less worry.
      2. And/or, take it out to be washed and vacuumed. Give it a “new car” feel because you are sure the goldfish crumbs littering the floor and wad of used napkins in the side compartments aren’t for mere decor. While their initial humiliation may be apparent, it will ultimately result in them feeling refreshed.
      3. Record their favorite show on your DVR. Do they work or have children to attend to when their favorite show is running? Invite them over on their “day off” to catch up on the latest series they’re watching. In addition, they get some quality time in with you.
      4. Present them with a charity gift card of choice. Paying it forward is a powerful expression of kindness. A heart of service can sometimes be inhibited when life is filled to the brim with other responsibilities. So this is a great opportunity for them to feel like they can give a gift given in their honor.
      5. Mail a handwritten letter. Words of affirmation go a long way especially when you know this would encourage them. Whether the note is short and sweet or long and detailed, words will reach their heart.
      6. Take them shopping. Shoe lover? Gardener? Builder? Whatever their fixation is, there is something they would love to have but won’t buy for themselves. Instead of guessing what it could be, take them to their favorite store and pay for their desired item.
      7. Plan an adventure based on their favorite book. They’re a bookworm and their shelf at home should be turned into a library. So, choose one of their favorite stories, take details from the scenery, plot, and characters and create a live escapade for the two of you.
      8. Play a conversation-engaging game. For example, play two truths and a lie or ask them personal questions that you don’t know the answer to. This is a great way to demonstrate your desire to learn more about them and understand them better.
      9. Visit their office before they get to work. Here is a chance for you to start their day off on a positive note. Set a vase of flowers on their desk or put a small, thoughtful message on top of their keyboard. Leave their go-to snack that they would otherwise get from the vending machine. You know what would get them off on the right foot, so make sure they have it before they run into their tasks.
      10. Begin a shared journal. Say someone you care deeply about lives far away and they are not active on social media. It can be hard to connect but with a shared journal, you can write entries back and forth with uplifting endearments or questions regarding their current situations. It’s on their time to respond at their convenience.
      11. Start a photo book for them. Gather all the best photos of the two of you and assemble them into an ongoing photo book. Aside from being a visual aid full of recollected moments, it reminds them that your intertwined stories are not over yet and there are more memories still to be captured.
      12. Relive your favorite shared pastime. Maybe you both were swing fanatics during recess or used to be avid concert attenders in college. Visit your old elementary school or buy tickets to an upcoming concert and re-experience all the joys it brought the two of you.
      13. Send their jewelry in to get cleaned. Occasionally, precious items need polishing to restore their faded beauty. It could be a wedding ring, a watch, or a necklace that was passed down to them that could use some TLC. So take it in and just see how they wear their bling with a heightened sense of appreciation.
      14. Rent a cabin. Being removed from day-to-day surroundings can have many positive effects on someone’s well being. Find a free weekend that works for both of you and head out of town for some peace and quiet. This will give them time to relax and feel rejuvenated.
      15. Support them in their hobby. Do they enjoy scrapbooking but don’t have the supplies or the space to do it? Find a local craft store that offers a place and materials for crafters to use and get them enrolled. Do they like swimming but don’t have the finances to support their passion? Sign them up for access to a community swimming pool. Maybe they want to take up piano or art, check into lessons.
      16. Surprise them with a reunion. It could be that they are sorely missing someone they haven’t seen in a long time. Perhaps it’s their favorite uncle or one of their best friends. Make some phone calls, book a flight and arrange a time and place where they can be reunited.
      17. Visit places of their upbringing. Let them take you back to their childhood and tell you more about where they came from. If their hometown is in the near, take a trip over with them and let them walk you around their old neighborhood, school, and parks they played at. If not, take a virtual path through their past via old home videos or photo books.
      18. Give them a symbolic gift from nature. Be it a seashell, a smooth stone, or some other meaningful object you came across in your journey, present it to them and share what about that object made you think of them. Maybe it brings to mind a memory that you two shared or you feel it would inspire their work.
      19. Give them something of yours. There is one teacup in your cabinet they love using every time they come over. There is that one recipe you make that they can’t get enough of. There is a book they have borrowed more than once. Put their name on it and make them the new owner. Now they have a little reminder of you but they also have something they would never find a replica of.
      20. Share a secret: Although you know each other well, there are maybe one or two big things that you have kept to yourself. Consider peeling back another layer from your reserves and let them into that area of your life. In turn, they may be moved to share something special with you.
      21. Take them to a private spot. Find a place that will bring them newfound happiness and wonder. It could be an old coffee shop, a barely tread upon trail, or somewhere with a scenic view. Make sure it’s a place with an environment that suits them, whether that is in a room of chatty people or out in nature where the only sounds heard are birds chirping or waves crashing.
      22. Visit someone they care about. Someone they hold dear is at the hospital, or is home sick or is living at a nursing home. Take a few hours and go with them on their next visit and play an active part in caring for their loved one.
      23. Have their favorite piece of artwork framed. If you know of a painting they love or a photo that inspires them, figure out where in their office or home this piece of art could go and have it printed in the appropriate size and framed. That way they get to experience every emotion that they felt the first time they laid eyes on it.
      24. Put together a “pick me up” basket. This basket could include coffee mix, chocolate, uplifting sayings, funny pictures, bath salts, lotion, and so much more. When they are having a bad day or are feeling down in the dumps, they can pull a wrapped item from the basket. This is a great way to cheer them up when you aren’t around to do the cheering yourself.
      25. Affirm the value they bring to your life. Write on note cards, wooden kitchen spoons, a decorative blackboard, or on a deck of cards the most important things they have taught you or helped you grow in over the years of your relationship. Remind them in this way how grateful you are to have them by your side through thick and thin.


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