Renton March Crewmembers of the Month

March FOH Employee of the Month-Nick Veksler

Nick has recently become a Supervisor in the WildFin family and is making great things happen.  All his contributions have made our team stronger and regulars think he’s the greatest.  His nickname with his friends is Vex but here at WildFin he goes by Spartacus.  His favorite place is The Caribbean with some good old classic rock.

 March BOH Employee of the Month-Josh Altermott 

We’re very proud to have Josh as a part of our WildFin family. We’re even more proud of him serving our country for four years with a tour in Iraq.   He’s currently in culinary school and hopes to open his own restaurant in the future.  He has earned his Blue Hat in our WildFin Kitchen performance program and exceeds all expectations every single shift.  Thank you Josh for being a model crewmember and an exceptional part of this community.


WildFin American Grill
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