Local Lettuce Mix From Willie Greens Organic Farms

Starting this week we’re very excited to be featuring a lettuce mix in our Spring Salads from a local farm in Monroe – Willie Greens Organic Farm.

Willie Green’s Organic Farm is a certified organic farm located in the fertile food plain of the Tulaco Valley, south Monroe. The farm is situated in a unique micro-climate of misty cool mornings and sunny warm summer days. That, in combination with mineral rich river bottom land help their vegetables and berries thrive with outstanding flavor.

The farm was started by Chef Jeff Miller from California. In the mid 1980s, he decided to channel his passion for delicious food into farming. He packed up his backpack with seeds, climbed on his motorcycle and came to Washington. The farm is now a bustling family farm, spread over three fields and totaling almost 40 acres.Salad, Spring HarvestP1000373

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