Go Baby Go Event in Tacoma

We’re so honored to have been able to take part in the Go Baby Go event in Tacoma earlier this month at the Tacoma Car Museum by catering food along with Stack 571 Burger & Whiskey Bar for the helping hands that built power vehicles for children with limited mobility.

They were able to provide power mobility vehicles to 8 kiddos!


We received these incredible photos from our friends at the charity with a little description of the first photo and we wanted to share it with you all so it can melt your heart like it did ours!

The first picture is of a little girl who lives on a ventilator and cannot speak or walk. It took her exactly 3 seconds to figure out that she could push that big center button on her steering wheel and make that car go! That was a tear jerker moment for sure.



If you’re looking for more information about the charity, visit this website


And here’s a video of the founder of the charity, discussing how it all began:



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