Asparagus from Inaba Farms

Today we’re featuring Asparagus grown locally in the Yakima Valley by Inaba Farms. Yesterday, Chris, our Executive Chef toured the farm with owner Lon Inaba and was able to get a good look at their operation as well as hearing an incredible story of success and achieving the American Dream.

Inaba Produce is a third-generation family farm dug into the rich volcanic soil of the Yakima Valley. Many of the sustainable farming practices used today were started in 1907 when Shukichi Inaba and his brother came from Japan, cleared the land of sagebrush and with techniques learned in Japan, began cultivating crops.

The Inaba brothers had to overcome alien land law issues that prevented them from owning land as well as many obstacles to build a sustainable business and legacy for their family. During World War II, the Inaba family was interned in camps. They were removed from their land just days before harvest.

Through all the hardships, the Inaba family developed a strong will and sense of purpose, and continue to work the land into their third generation and continue their family tradition.










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